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Houssam Korichi

         Houssam Eddine Korichi I am 23 years old I am A Photographer and a designer 3 years ago I have started this, I mean photography. It was like something i do to have fun only, but gradually it became an important part of my life or I would say my whole life .I always loved photography from the moment I bought my professional camera, and still do love it.Now my time is devoted for Photography.
         I love to write also, to express myself through words is an easy thing I can do, but when it comes to expressing myself through photography.. well, that is another story that I fail to turn a picture into words, when I take a picture .. I just feel it, live it they way it is.

        I believe in myself, thus my aim is to be a professtional photographer for a global magazine , to gain an international recognition And the most important Is to found my own magazine .